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Galas Looner Stalking Galas in Vintage 80s Levi Jeans (manyvids)

Galas Looner Stalking Galas in Vintage 80s Levi Jeans (manyvids)

Custom Request~ Galas walks around outside a bit. Flim some from the front and some from the behind. Get some close ups of your ass in the jeans. Then you walk inside and get surprised by a man with agun. You put up your hands and say :”No please, let me go”. You are told to turn around and face the wall with your hands up. Then you get hit by machinegun fire. You shake and twerk against the wall. Then theshooting stops and you slowly begin to fall down onto the floor. You end up laying on your back. Then you are hit again by several machinegun bulletsYou shake as your whole body is hit. Then after 5-8 sec the shooting stops you just lay there, eyes open. Galas wears vintage Levi’s jeans, stiletto high heel boots and a leather jacket in this clip Related Categories: ASS FETISH, BBW, BIG BUTTS, BOOT FETISH, HIGH HEELS Keywords: blue jeans fetish, denim jean fetish, blue jeans, levi jeans, vintage jeans, denim tight pants, mom jeans , ass fetish milf, big tits big butts curvy, boot fetish boots, high heels, leather fetish, leather jacket, pov did, damsel in distress, limp fetish , big ass

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