[TheLifeErotic.com] Blue Angel – Bottle It Up 2 (2020)

[TheLifeErotic.com] Blue Angel – Bottle It Up 2 (2020)[TheLifeErotic.com] Blue Angel – Bottle It Up 2 (2020)
Tags : Solo, Posing, Masturbation, Blonde, Bathroom, Stockings, Breasts

Description: Erotic icon Sandra Shine directs this horny solo-sex fantasy. Smoky-eyed Hungarian blonde Blue Angel arrives home alone after a boozy night out. She removes her strappy spike-heeled platform shoes and heads into the bathroom, carrying her bottle of sparkling wine. She takes off her panties to pee, then crawls into the shower on all fours, still wearing her little black dress, stockings and garters.

She sits in the corner, clothes rearranged to bare her small, natural breasts, puffy nipples and trimmed pussy. Then she aims the shower spray between her splayed thighs and teases her slit with manicured fingers. It feels good but she needs something bigger and harder – and, as she chugs the last few drops of her wine, inspiration strikes.

Blue Angel licks and sucks the neck of the bottle as she sprays and fingers her pussy again, captured in sharp close-up. Next, she turns off the shower and grinds the bottle against her clit and lips – then, when she is confident that her juices are flowing, she slides it inside of her snatch, using it as a dildo. She pumps it in and out while fingering her clit, then tastes her cream off of it.

She continues to screw herself – it’s a slippery job but it gives her so much pleasure. She humps against the bottle, moaning and tits quivering, then twists onto her side, garter straps stretched tight over her butt-cheeks. For a moment, she is tempted to tease her asshole, but she slides the smooth glass back inside of her pussy, pounding and churning it around.

With one leg raised to stretch herself even wider open, she grabs her tits, in a state of lust-fueled delirium. Then she uses an agile stockinged foot to switch the shower back on, and sprays her clit as she plows herself to a screaming orgasm. Satisfied, she sets aside the bottle and slumps back against the tile to enjoy the sensation of the spray all over her tingling body.

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[TheLifeErotic.com] Blue Angel – Bottle It Up 2 (2020)[TheLifeErotic.com] Blue Angel – Bottle It Up 2 (2020)

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